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Simple Basics Photography Class


There are fun and exciting things happening over here this year!

If you are interested in my yearly "Simple Basics Photography Class", please contact me soon to book your seat. I typically only have 6 to 8 seats available for each class, so if you are interested, please book now!

This class will be hosted on SATURDAY MAY 14TH in the Culpeper, VA area. Tentative time, 10 am.

In this beginners class you'll learn:

• How to shoot in manual
• What's in my camera bag
• How to use natural light instead of your flash
• The difference between RAW and JPEG
• The best way to pose your subject(s)
• Shoot to print
...and more!

The best news? Each student (past and present!) will receive a discount to an upcoming editing webinar that I'll be hosting later in the year.

That's right. I am FINALLY getting my "ducks" in a row and holding my very first editing class online...from the comfort of your very own matter where you live!

But that's another story for another day ;)

Grab your seat now!

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