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Seasons of Change | A New Direction

I sit here at my desk and look out the window. My hands are bitterly cold because, let's face it, this old house needs new windows. This past week the weather was spring like. The daffodils have completely bloomed and, in fact, they are beginning to lose their brightly colored flower heads because they've been open for so long. Our weather this year has been a complete whirlwind, much like I have felt within myself. The seasons are changing with every new day that comes, but what season are we in?

Scientifically I'll tell you that yes, we're still in the season of Winter. Though the symptoms of a new season have been springing forth in an untimely manner. But don't let it fool you, Winter is still here. I'm reminded of this as I look at the weather for next week, as it calls for 8 inches or more of snow here in the central Virginia area. Spring, you fool, it's not your time yet. Winter must have its last breath before your season begins. We rush into the seasons—planting seeds, flower bulbs, getting the garden area ready. But not yet, not yet....whispers winter.

My heart whispers that often, too. As a new season will begin in my own life soon—a season of taking on new projects, writing books, loving life—my heart still whispers, not yet, don't rush it, not yet.

But here I am, writing to you, tell you that changes are coming. The symptoms of a new season are upon me, but haven't come quite yet. In the meantime, I'm preparing, and here's how.

Over the next few weeks you'll begin to see my website shift from a photography related website, to an "all things Amy" website. That's right, it's all about me, people. I kid.

But in reality, I'm not just a photographer. I'm an aspiring homesteader who is nowhere close to being self-sufficient. I am a writer who just had the opportunity of a lifetime land her lap. I laugh at myself when I tell someone, "my agent said..."

Yes, that's actually a phrase that I must get used to. I'm not sure I'll ever be used to it.

But I am a writer. And I am a photographer. And no matter where I am on my journey, I am a homesteader. And eventually all three things must collide and crash into each other, swirling together into a beautiful watercolor of amazingness. At least, that's what I hope it to become.

This website,, will now be a hub for photos, writings, updates on upcoming projects and books, and more. It will no longer just be a place to view photos of your beautiful family after your photo session. Though I will strive for that as well. But it will be a place of purpose, and of so much more than just a place to house photos.

This new season of life includes a lot of things that I never imagined would happen—but here they are, happening. Writing books through publishing companies, signing on with a Christian book agency that publishes authors for publishers like Zondervan. Wow, what a season to be walking through.

But more importantly, it will be a season of work, of mess, of chaos, but I am utterly at peace with it all.

I'll update you more as I know more and inevitably, sit through more meetings. Oh, the drudgery and waiting game.

But until then, thank you. Thank you for following my journey. Thank you for encouraging me to do great things. Thank you for calling out the person you saw, even when I didn't see her. Much like God calls us by our name before we even know the meaning of our names, you've been there the entire way....calling out to me.

Thank you.



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